Portable Photography Beauty Dish softbox Studio Quick Collapsible Soft box with Bowens Mount

1. Softbox with Bowens Mount with Bag grid Diffuser. 2. Designed as an umbrella,easy to disassemble and fold, easy to carry, ideal for studio or outdoor mobile photography. 3. The soft box is black outside and silver inside with even coating, high reflection. 4. Provide OEM and ODM services,65cm 80cm 85cm 95cm 105cm can be customized.

Products Description

The suggestion for choose soft box .
1. Purpose: The first type of advertising ,still life portrait shooting, the second type, video and film production.
2. Fabric requirements, outer layer, high density, waterproof, anti-leakage. The texture is even and soft.
3. requirement for inner silver surface, the coating is uniform and smooth, and the aging test does not drop powder. The silver surface is smooth and does not fade.
4. Umbrella bone are durable, wear-resistant, and light. Generally, high-density and high-quality aluminum alloy materials are recommended. Mid-priced ones will choose lightweight aluminum alloys, which will change color over time, bend easily, and have insufficient toughness.
5. Low-priced Product use steel galvanized steel , which will rust and fade after a long time.
6. bayonet will generally choose Bowens mount.
7. Open mode style , high quality style will adopt umbrella style, one-key opening and closing. The second type is quick installation by pressing the knob. The third is to use one by one umbrella ribs to install.
8. The function of the soft box is to shape the light and make the light more uniform and soft. The CRI can reach above 96 and the TLCI is above 97. As far as possible, ensure that the lumen value of the lamp is not lost.

Main Features:
DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE ON LOCATION AND IN THE STUDIO: This collapsible beauty dish softbox is a portable light modifier for photographers that directs a soft, controlled pattern of light with a custom white interior for true beauty dish lighting.
COMPACT AND EASY TO USE: The Beauty Dish Switch is constructed with solid aluminum umbrella-inspired framework, which maximizes durability, minimizes weight, and makes setup, teardown, and storage simple.
INTERCHANGEABLE MOUNTS FOR POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHTS: This softbox can be paired with Switch Light Mount Inserts, which are easy to attach to the rear of the modifier and available for virtually any strobe, speedlite, or monolight.
ENGINEERED TO LAST: This beauty dish is constructed with an all-metal locking collar, 16 all-metal ribs, and a flat metal deflector plate that minimizes hot spots to create stunning beauty light output.
PREMIUM DIFFUSION FABRIC AND TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED: The included diffusion panel is constructed with a natural, unbleached nylon fabric that softens your light source without altering its color temperature, ideal for any style of portrait or product photography.

Rigid Portable Collapsible Quick Folding Softbox With Diffuser Grid and Carrying Bag Bowens Mount soft box
65CM , 0EM ODM,85 105 optional, can be customized
deep Portable Collapsible Quick Folding Soft box Umbrella Softbox
internal diffuser and external diffuser,honeycomb grid ,carrying bag
16pcs Stainless steel bracket , Aluminum alloy bowen mount

Packaging Information
1. 65cm softbox, single packing box: 20*20*58 CM , net weight:3kg, carton size :65*43*60 CM , 6PCS/ carton
2. 85cm softbox single packing box : 20*20*70 CM , net weight:3.5kg, carton size:65*43*72 CM , 6PCS/ carton
3. 105 softbox single packing box: 20*20*85 CM , net weight:4kg, carton size:65*43*87CM, 6PCS/ carton
color brands, size ,style ,packages all accepted OEM
nylon material, Aluminum shaft, High quality reflective material ,Imported quality, multiple choices, create different
photographic effects
Black / Silver (out/inner) ,color can be customized

We are professional manufacturer of photography accessoriesand equipment. We have five production lines. Main products: photographic lighting, led ring lights, led studio lights,led video light,softbox, soft boxes, microphone ,background ,backdrop, green screen ,light stand ,tripod,vlog kit ,photography accessoriesand equipment.

How do we ensure our quality ?
1. In the field of photography, well-known brands are our cooperative customers. We have provided them with oem services for 15 years. With their help, we have continuously optimized our quality control system.
2. We are confident to provide customers with top quality products as we have solid flow of Production Material Control (PMC),In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), Finished Product Quality Control (QC) and Delivery Quality Assurance (QA). To provide you with an extra level of protection, we check our items piece by piece prior to shipment.
3. Our products have passed ISO 9001,CE,ROSH, CCC, ROSH and other certification .

What make our product difference from other factory?
1.Our clients benefit from lower manufacturing costs and time-to-market volume production through over 120 highly qualified staffs and the 7500 square meters workshop, including a mold development center, a metal and plastic injection center,a hardware processing center, softbox center,5 product assembling centers , Printing workshop.
2. Thanks to more than 15 dedicated engineers with strong engineering capability and extensive experience in system R & D, we keep developing new products every year to keep up to date with the market. we pride ourselves on our ability to meet our customers' needs. If one of our standard products doesn't meet your requirements, we can custom-design a product for you.
3.We have a complete process chain in the industry, so we can provide you with better customized services
4.Normally MOQ 100pcs, but we also accept small sample order for quality clients.


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