The suggestion for choose soft box .

1. Purpose: The first type of advertising ,still life portrait shooting, the second type, video and film production.
2. Fabric requirements, outer layer, high density, waterproof, anti-leakage. The texture is even and soft.
3. requirement for inner silver surface, the coating is uniform and smooth, and the aging test does not drop powder. The silver surface is smooth and does not fade.
4. Umbrella bone are durable, wear-resistant, and light. Generally, high-density and high-quality aluminum alloy materials are recommended. Mid-priced ones will choose lightweight aluminum alloys, which will change color over time, bend easily, and have insufficient toughness.

5. Low-priced Product use steel galvanized steel , which will rust and fade after a long time.
6. bayonet will generally choose Bowens mount.
7. Open mode style , high quality style will adopt umbrella style, one-key opening and closing. The second type is quick installation by pressing the knob. The third is to use one by one umbrella ribs to install.
8. The function of the soft box is to shape the light and make the light more uniform and soft. The CRI can reach above 96 and the TLCI is above 97. As far as possible, ensure that the lumen value of the lamp is not lost.