The use of softbox in photography

The structure of the soft box is diverse, and the normal softbox is rectangular, like a bucket with a sealed bottom. Due to some differences in function, there are also octagonal, umbrella-shaped, column-shaped, bar-shaped, honeycomb-shaped, quick-installed and other structures. There are various specifications of different sizes, as small as 40 cm, as large as more than 2 meters. There is also an ultra-small softbox specially equipped with an external flash, only a few centimeters in size.

The soft box and the studio light are connected with a bayonet, so the soft box has various forms of bayonet, which can be adapted to a variety of different studio lights. There is also a universal bayonet soft box, which can be used on any studio light. The universal bayonet can be installed with any lamp, but it is definitely not as good as a one-to-one special configuration. The soft box can be detached and folded, which is convenient for packaging and transportation after folding. Open and prop up when in use. Then install it in front of the studio light so that the light emitted by the studio light can be transmitted from the soft box.

The function of the soft box is to soften the harsh light and make the light quality softer. The principle is that one or two layers of diffusion can be used on the basis of ordinary light sources to make the original light irradiate a wider range and turn it into diffuse light.

The light produced by the soft box is uniform and soft, and the color saturation is good. The soft box is mostly composed of reflective materials and soft cloth, so that the light-emitting surface of the soft box is larger and more uniform, the light is softer, and the color is sharper. Many types of soft boxes are divided into rectangular soft boxes, square soft boxes, octagonal soft boxes, cylindrical soft boxes, umbrella soft boxes, honeycomb soft boxes, etc., regardless of shape The effect is similar, all in bright and soft colors.
This kind of light is especially suitable for indoor portrait art photos and still life. It is conducive to expressing the texture and color of human skin. It makes the skin texture very delicate, has a large lighting area and does not form a hard black shadow behind the model. It is soft and comfortable, and it is an essential accessory for the studio.